Material Mediators for a Ritualized Relationship with the Internet is a declaration of love to the Internet and a rejection of the patterns of dependence built around such love. Through a series of material objects, our relationship with the net is explored, sublimized and materialized. 
w/   Nerea de Lezana

MMRRI are a series of domestic objects that aim to make our daily interaction with our devices and the net less abstract by bringing back materiality into our online smartphone use. Each mediator enhances one positive aspect of going online while limiting the most addictive patterns of the device. The accurate music recommendations from predictive algorithms, the knowledge and enjoyment brought by online videos, the intimacy and cosiness of reading on a small, discrete device; all are examples of the functionalities enhanced by each of the mediators. Their shape helps to visualize the complex, bodiless realities of the interaction; the metallic material also brings a sense of ritual into the use, making each action slower, less mindless and more meaningful.