Boundaries talks about the relationtip of the materials and the beauty of the imperfection.

Series of benches/tables to work or relax. The concept of this modular set is to generate an atmosphere with the set of bars to create a more personal atmosphere to try to escape slightly from the typical open spaces of coworking where many people do not just feel they have a space of their own. The tubes are made of stainless aluminium and the platforms are made of iroko wood. The configuration of this set is customizable.


The concept around the materiality of the project is to combine industrial materials with other more organic materials and canviants. That the perfection of the industrial contrasts with the imperfection and error of the organic. The fabric plays a make-up paper of the stone to camouflage a totally organic material such as the stone.

For the creation of the concrete pedestals I have needed the manufacture of a mould made from water-repellent DM to support the structure and a plywood of 3mm to make the curvature of the semicircumference. This surface has been subsequently lined with a vinyl to achieve a flat texture on the concrete piece. The introduction of the steel tubes wrapped in film paper and lubricated with soap, have allowed me to separete the piece from the mold on my own, leaving the hole to be able to introduce the original stainless steel tubes.